Art is Joy and Joy is Art

Paint your photos

Terms and Conditions
(Small Print)
This should be a joyous experience. You hereby agree to see the beauty in the artists interpretation of the photo you agreed to have us paint.

Remember Joy is Art, and Art is Joy. This is our motto. We reserve the right not to paint the image you sent us.
The paintings come in one size. The size we decide to paint it! Usually on a 25cmX25cm canvas, the painting itself might only take up a portion of that space. There isn't enough serendipity in the world anymore. This project is a naive attempt to replant serendipity, just a little.

We reserve the right to vary the one size that we paint. It's worth remembering that artists by their nature are very temperamental, and know best, at all times.

Prices are prices, We've no idea what to charge for a painting, what is your budget? We don't anticipate making any profits from this. It's more a political statement to see if we can nudge people away from digital to analog.

After you upload the image we will send an email to the address you provided, this email will outline whether or not your application was successful, and we can agree a price. We ain't in this for the money.

We are in this to encourage people to come back from digital to analog. All of those millions of images on our phones and social-media accounts are meaningless when compared to a single original painting on a wall in your homestead. I love T&Cs, in a previous job, I dealt with them all the time... I've read these back, and I just realised they sound like something Gene Wilder might have uttered in Willy Wonka & the chocolate factory.
Any similarities are entirely coincidental.